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Ute Stampede Committee presents check to county commissioners for annual payment

PAYING FOR THE NEW BLEACHERS • Above, Tara Sperry, representing the Ute `Stampede, presents a $10,000 check to Commissioner Woodland.


By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

Tara Garrett Sperry, representing the Ute Stampede Committee, presented a check to Byron Woodland, Juab County Commissioner, for $10,000.
Sperry and Bob Garrett, also of the Ute Stampede Committee, attended Juab County commission meeting to present the annual check to the commission as the Stampede's portion of the payment made to repay the cost of building the new bleachers on the west side of the arena which were constructed five years ago.
"This is the fifth year the payment has been made," said Chad Winn, commission chairman.
The fairground replacement bleachers were paid for by a Community Impact Board (CIB) loan.
The loan was for zero percent interest and the contract is to be repaid in 30 years. Some of the CIB money also came in the form of a grant which does not need to be repaid.
The money amounted to approximately $1 million.
It is being repaid by the county, the county fair's demotion derby proceeds and by the Ute Stampede proceeds in a three-way agreement that calls for each entity to pay $10,000 each year.
"We would like to thank you commissioners for all of your support," said Garrett.
Sperry said that, this year, the committee is working to build some more excitement for the event locally with a Cowboy Town contest.
"All businesses, clubs, and organizations are invited to build, create, paint and design a western-theme display to add to this July's celebrations," said Sperry.
All displays should be in place by July 1.
"We approached the city and gained their support," said Sperry. "It is a way to create some fun and we hope that people will get involved."
Participants looking for a display area are welcome to set up at the: Old Mill Park, Main St; Pink School Park between 1st and 2nd East; Canyon View Park between 6th and 7th East; and at the Community Entrance Signs.
Displays will be judged on July 8.
First Place will receive 12 box seat tickets to Friday Night's performance at the Ute Stampede Rodeo.
Second Place will receive 8 reserved tickets to Friday Night's performance at the Ute Stampede Rodeo.
Third Place will receive 4 reserved tickets to Friday Night's performance at the Ute Stampede Rodeo.
The winners will also be introduced at Friday Night's Rodeo.