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  • Mona City adopted budgets with changes

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

The budget for Mona for the coming year incorporated the wants and needs of the council discussed at earlier meetings.
Mona City council members adopted both an amended budget for 2012 and the final budget for 2013 at meeting on Monday.
"I have spent a lot of time with these two budgets," said Everd Squire, city finance director. "I have incorporated everything we talked about and some things that we didn't into the final budget recommendation."
One of the items the council had not put on the wish list discussed earlier was the need for some salary increases in case the council determines to hire some help for some departments in the coming year.
"That is an option we have talked about to get some continuity going in the city," said Bill Mills, mayor.
While a decision had not been made, said Squire, it would be good to be somewhat prepared and, therefore, he had listed a higher figure in the salaries section than had been there.
Allen Pay needs to remain the city's water master but it might be wise to hire a person to assist him, on a part time basis, as needed.
"Nobody should dig a trench alone," said Frank Riding, council member.
The sewer system may need to be subsidized in the coming year, said Squire.
"We may have to subsidize the sewer system the first year or so," said Squire. "We are close. If the budget holds, we may have enough to make the payments"
Mills said that, as home building in the community picks back up after the economic slump, the funds collected would continue to increase and there would be enough to cover the annual no-interest loan payments.
"We have six homes that are in the process," he said.
Jeff Hearty, council member, asked if an increase in the natural gas costs was anticipated for the coming year.
"One year ago, in March, if you remember, we reduced the gas prices to our consumers by 15 percent and we are still doing well," said Squire.
The total income from operations for 2012 was $72,183.
"A lot of the budgets for the 2012 fiscal year, which expires the end of the month, are close," said Squire. "We do not need to add any new money."
Some of the budgets had been adjusted to take money from areas where it had not been spent and shifting it to areas where it was needed to keep the budget in balance.
"The amended budget is pretty much spot on," said Hearty.
"That is what an amended budget does," said Squire. "It fixes the places where we did not guess right when the budget was set."
The budget revenues for 2012 were $454,810 and most departments were approximately 95 percent complete.
"We have published legal advertised for both the amended budget to be adopted and for the final budget to be adopted," said Squire. "You will need to address both of those budgets one at a time."
Revenues for the coming year will come from taxes at approximately $234,610; licenses and permits at $4,400; intergovernmental revenue (such as Class C Road Allotment) at $77,000; charges for services at $106,500; interest at $4,500; and miscellaneous revenue at $2,800.
"I appreciate all of your input in discussing your wish lists for the city as we worked on the budget this year," said Squire.
He said that every item mentioned in the wish list segment of discussion had been incorporated.,