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  • Mona Irrigation applies for building permit to construct pressurized irrigation system

 By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

Mona Irrigation Company took the first step in placing pressurized irrigation lines along rights-of-way belonging to Juab County by receiving permission to apply for a digging permit.

The county currently has a moratorium preventing digging permits from being issued until a concrete plan can be formulated and put into effect which will set rules and regulations regarding digging along county rights-of-way.

Gordon Young and Quentin Kay, representing the irrigation company, informed Juab County Commissioners of the plan to establish a pressurized irrigation system inside Mona City.

"The plan we are proposing," said Young, "would locate pressurized system irrigation lines along old Highway 91 and along parts of the Goshen Canyon Road."

Both of the roads and the rights-of-way along those routes are county property.

"We wanted to know what needs to be done to accommodate Juab County requirements and still construct the water system," said Young.

The project predated the moratorium imposed by the commission and, therefore, would qualify for a permit under the older version of the county digging permit procedure. In addition, the roads affected are those county roads which become main streets inside Mona City.

Old Highway 91 becomes Mona's Main Street; the Goshen Canyon Road leads directly into the city from the west becoming a city street at the city's border; and Cemetery Lane located to the east of Mona leads directly into the city also becoming a city street.

Both the Goshen Canyon and the Cemetery Lane routes feed into Main Street.

"It is possible for you to obtain a digging permit," said Robert Steele, commissioner. "You would need to contract to restore the shoulders of the roads when you are finished laying lines."

Glenn Greenhalgh, county planning director, said the city also needs to give electronic copies of the work done to the county so the new pipeline routes can be added to the county GIS system.

"Go ahead and apply for a digging permit for the Mona Irrigation Company so the permitting process can begin," said Wm. Boyd Howarth, commission chair.

Final plans for the irrigation system pipeline must be provided to Robert Garrett, county road superintendent, for review prior to the permit being granted by the commission.