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  • Nephi youth's recycling idea has now taken shape

RECYCLE YOUR TIMES-NEWS • Above, this dumpster at Mt. Nebo Market is one of three throughout our community where you may recycle newspaper, phone books, magazines and office paper. The recycle bins are here because Aubrey Nielsen, a Nephi teen, did the necessary work to convince not only the recycling firm, but Nephi City and Mt. Nebo Market to allow the bins. The third bin is located behind the Harmon Law Office in the alley between Center and 100 South. The Times-News commends Aubrey for her project.

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

A Nephi girl's idea is bearing fruit and, she told Nephi City Council members, that there are now three bins in the community where used newspapers and old phone books can be recycled.

Aubrey Nielsen, a teenager, has managed to get three bins placed in strategic spots in the community.

There is one behind the Harmon Law Office Building on Main Street, another at the Mt. Nebo Market, and a third behind the city building.

"I am pretty excited," said Nielsen.

She and her mother, Stacie, attended city council meeting to explain about the bins and how they are to be used.

"The lids are locked but each bin has a slot where the papers and phone books can be inserted into the bins," said Nielsen.

She said that there are instructions on each of the bins as to the type of paper which can be recycled.

No plastic should be put inside. Therefore, if newspapers are put in plastic grocery bags to transport them to the bin sites, they should be removed from the plastic before being put in the bin.

Nielsen said that bins will also be placed at the schools in Nephi.

"Scott McKay (a local science teacher) is also excited," said Nielsen. "He has been taking paper to Utah County to recycle."

The bins, brought to the community by a commercial recycler, Ready Therm, will be emptied by the company.

It is hoped, said Nielsen, that they will be well-used so they can stay in the city.

Chad Brough, mayor, said the Senior Citizens would be happy to hear that there were now paper recycling bins available.

"Whenever we talk to the Senior Citizens," he said, "that is one of their concerns."

Brent Bowles, council member, said he was also happy to have the bins in the community and also hoped they would be well-used.

"We are getting close to capacity at our land-fill and this will help a lot," he said.

In addition, he said, the more that is hauled to the landfill on a weekly basis, the higher the standards set by the government become. Perhaps this will help so that does not happen.

If capacity is reached, then it will require more expense for taxpayers, he said.