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  • Mona City pleased with power plant agreement

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

An agreement with Current Creek Power Plan was received by Mona City and that caused a great deal of pleasure from council members.

The agreement was for the continued supply of water for the power plant for construction purposes through November 2004.

"We received a letter outlining the amount of water needed and the price the power company is willing to continue to pay," said Cory Squire, council member.

"They would like to use 3 million gallons and that would be $3,000 for the city," said Squire.

The power company has already used 600,060 gallons from May through July 15 and has paid $1 per 1,000 gallons.

The deal is a good one, said Allen Pay, water master, because the money collected to date has been used in re-developing Small Vest Springs, a city water source.

"We have tripled the water coming from that source," said Pay.

In addition, the power company has agreed to spend the $1,500 needed to bring city water testing current on the well.

"The well has been dormant for two years," said Pay.

If the well is needed to supply the water, he said, the power company will also pay the pump starting costs.

To date, said Pay, the city has not had to use the well because they have had an adequate supply of culinary water without using the well.

However, on just the 24th of July alone, the city used 800,000 gallons of culinary water.

"That is a lot of water for one day," he said.

At the July 27 meeting, Quinton Kay, council member, had asked Pay if he had allowed the power company to use a city line on the west side of town.

"You approved that at council meeting," said Pay.

Kay was adamant that he had not said the water should be turned on until the city and the power company had an agreement.

However, Bryce Lynn, mayor said he remembered telling Pay that only Pay had the authority to turn on the water for the company.

Council members did agree that Pay should keep doing what he was doing, but requested that Pay discuss obtaining an agreement with the power company so that it could be determined just how much was needed and that the price, paid in the past, would continue to be paid.

"I have requested an agreement and I will get back with them (power company officials) and talk about it again," said Pay at the time.

Council members at Tuesday's meeting said they were pleased to have an agreement, in writing, with the power company for the use of the culinary water.

"I would like to use the money we are getting to work on Large Vest Spring next," said Pay.