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  • DWR and Juab County will get tough on trouble makers at Burraston Ponds

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

An agreement between Juab County and the Department of Wildlife Resources will make it easier to enforce the law at Burraston Ponds, a fishing and recreation site located between Nephi and Mona just off of Old U.S. Highway 91."DWR owns the facility," said Juab County Sheriff Alden Orme.

The county commission, officials from DWR and the Sheriff sat down together to discuss the situation which was worsening at the recreation site. From that meeting, several items were agreed to by the group of officials.

"There were many wild parties at Burraston's each weekend," said Orme. "We had two rapes there this year."

As a result of the work session, said Orme, the group came up with several ideas that would make it easier for law enforcement to shut-down the problem-making activities so that families could once again enjoy the facilities.

"DWR will sign quiet hours," said Orme. "The county deputies can now enforce that time so that wild parties cannot disrupt the nighttime hours at Burraston's."

Leash laws on dogs will be posted and enforced, as well.

In addition, there will be a 72-hour stay limit set. If any group, such as a family reunion or scout camp, needs a longer stay they will need to make those arrangements in advance. The sheriff's department, after DWR is contacted, will then allow the use.

Those who want to use the facility for a longer period of time need to contact the DWR office in Springville to make arrangements.

"The other thing we all agreed on," said Orme, "is that no alcohol possession nor consumption can occur on the premises."

Since DWR owns the facilities, they are the organization which has the legal right to make rules and regulations concerning the ways in which the area is used.

"They will put up signs and we (the sheriff's department) will enforce those regulations," he said.

Disobeying the restrictions imposed by DWR at the site can result in a fine. Infractions will be considered as Class C misdemeanors.

"We want to see if we can make Burraston's Ponds a nice place for families and for Scouts to use for their camps," said Orme.

"Right now, it is a dangerous place on the weekends."