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  • Ballpark lighting project can now begin installation phase

LIGHTING OF CANYON VIEW BALLPARK CAN NOW COMMENCE • With the contribution funds from local sources the lighting ot the Canyon View ballpark can now commence says Nephi's Mayor Mark Jones. This will allow the parks to be used at night in upcoming seasons.

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

The estimated cost for the Canyon View ballpark Lighting Project is $115,000.
The city now has the necessary funds committed in grants with $50,000 of that being dependent on Nephi City raising the other portion and the grants being the final money to complete the project, said Greg Rowley, council member.
"We have been a long time working on the ballpark," said Mark Jones, mayor. "This is an exciting night for us to know that we can now begin the installation phase."
Daniel's Foundation has pledged $55,000 to be one of the three large contributors.
The Eccles Foundation has pledged $30,000 which is to be the last of the money donated.
The Larry H. Miller Foundation has promised $20,000 if the community could raise part of the $115,000 funding needed for the project.
Jones said those community funds have been coming in and are either already presented or will soon be.
"Those grants do not let Nephi City spend 'government' money, but require contributions/donations from non-government sources to get their money," said Rowley.
Randy McKnight, city administrator, said that the city did not have all of the funding in hand. Some of the grants, in addition to the main three mentioned, were in the form of pledges.
"There are still other large donations to come in," said McKnight. "Some of those are anonymous and others will still be presented to the city at city council meeting."
The funds are committed and can be counted on in seeing the project to completion but have not been presented.
The city has invested a considerable amount of time and money into the construction of the field and park. The lighting of the fields, so that they can be used at night, is the final phase of its completion, said Jones.
"The grants were contingent upon strong community support and we have seen and are seeing that support," said Jones.
Nephi Kiwanis Club, Nephi Chamber of Commerce, Nephi Lions Club, the Owens Corning Foundation, and the Sunderland Foundation (Ash Grove Cement) are all locally based groups who have made large donations to the project in the last few weeks.
Community residents have also contributed money at city hall and at a ballpark website.
Individual contributions will still be accepted.