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  • Auditor recommends Mona City transfer funds to balance budget

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

It seems like a lot of money, but it is there to be used, and Mona City council members plan to do just that.
"Our auditor (Greg Odgen, CPA) recommends that we transfer $400,000 from our natural gas fund into our sewer fund to make the books look better," said Everd Squire, Mona City Finance Director.
Squire said that Odgen also suggested that some of the natural gas fund surplus be transferred to the water fund.
"It is just fortunate that we have accumulated the funds over the years in the natural gas fund and we can put some of those funds into the sewer fund," he said.
As for transferring the funds into the water fund, he said, that could be done at anytime.
"You can do it as a transfer," said Squire. "But you need to let the public know so you need to advertise a public hearing or you can borrow the money with the idea that you will pay it back."
Greg Newton, mayor, said that if the money was borrowed the money would not need to be a transfer.
Squire agreed. It would just be done.
"Another thing that should be stated is that the mayor and the council are not charged for water or for garbage collection," Squire said. "That should be stated in a public meeting so the public knows that is happening if you want to continue to do that."
He said that the public also needs to know that the city does not charge itself for the water used in the city building or at the city cemetery.
While the council is preparing to adopt a final budget at the next meeting to be held June 10, said Squire, they need to renew their contract with Ogden to perform the audit which he does annually.
"We have used Greg Ogden for many years as our independent auditor," said Squire. "If you decide to keep using his services you need to sign the letter he sent."
The tentative revised budget for the fiscal year ending June 30,2014 and the final budget for the fiscal year beginning on July 1, 2014 must be prepared for public comment and be adopted by June 22.
The budget process of any city entails the budget or finance director of the city to receive requests from departments or the council. Those requests must be revised to match the revenue.
The budget is then presented to the council by the first Tuesday in May.
A public hearing is scheduled and budget discussions are held by the governing body.
A budget hearing is held after 48 hours of advertising the meeting.
Budget discussions are held by the governing body and the budget is adopted.
Council members agreed to advertise the public hearing for the budget adoption and for the transfer of funds for the sewer and water funds from the gas fund.
"I think if the auditor recommends it, that is what we need to do," said Newton.