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  • Barring any last minute hazardous conditions, Nephi City will hold fireworks display on the 4th

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

Three cheers! Barring high winds and electric storms at the last minute, Nephi will have a Fourth of July fireworks display.
Last July weather conditions coupled with extremely dry conditions and heavy loading of vegetation throughout the State of Utah created hazardous fire conditions and called the fireworks display off for residents of Nephi.
"We chose not to have our fireworks display last year because of fire danger," said Randy McKnight, city administrator.
This year, however, the picture appears to be different.
"No statewide fire restrictions are likely to be in place before the Fourth of July," said McKnight. "The local fire marshal and the fire warden recommend no mandatory restrictions in Nephi City but urge all to be careful, use only legal fireworks, and to supervise the use of fireworks by children."
That does not mean that weather conditions are not dry, however.
"There was no measurable precipitation in Nephi in the month of June," said Don Ball, Nephi Weather Reporter.
Still, state officials are allowing the use of Class C fireworks—the kind that can be used at home.
In time for July Fourth celebrations, fireworks are showing up on Utah store shelves. Beginning June 23, fireworks allowed for sale in Utah went on sale at many grocery stores and roadside stands.
The aerial display shown in Nephi is planned for dusk on the night of the Fourth unless conditions change drastically, said McKnight.
"Our traditional fireworks display is planned for the Fourth," said McKnight.
In 2012, Nephi City announced in a letter released to the public on June 29, that the annual fireworks display, traditionally set off on the Fourth of July, would be bypassed.
For many years, the fireworks were set off at the city park but, because of the problems encountered at that site, it was determined to move the location to the site of the football field of the high school.
Because of extremely dry conditions last year, there were concerns the legally discharged fireworks which the fire department manages might allow sparks to shower down across the freeway in dry grass and weeds.
In 2009, the Fourth of July fireworks were rained out the day of the celebration. High winds were blamed for the need to shut-down the planned event which was rescheduled and held later that summer.
For 2013, the city fireworks display is planned.