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  • A look back at 2008 from the pages of The Times-News

Because the price of corn has increased substantially to unexpected record high levels, Moroni Feed Company has decided to cancel production for late 2008 and early 2009. The processing plant will be idle for several months.
The Relay For Life (held in June) was a huge success. Funds were raised for the American Cancer Society. And cancer survivors were honored.
Ute Stampede Queen is McKell Kay. Attendants are Sierra Knickerbocker and Caley Bussian.
Ute Stampede Mammoth Parade Grand Marshals are Veda Parkin and Velda Hansen. Western Parade Grand Marshal is Duane Anderson.
County offices joined with Gov. Huntsman’s request to close offices on Fridays and go to the four-day work week.
Levan Town has adopted an Annexation Policy Plan to help outline the inevitable growth in the unincorporated areas surrounding the town’s boundaries.
A new office area will be built in the Juab County Center to house the Adult Probation and Parole department to meet with clients in a private setting.
Mona Pioneer Day Royalty: Paden Elbert and Fallon Nicolson. Attendants: Makaden Stanley and Sydney Samuelson, Coleman Whicker and Genika Allred.
Former Juab County Commissioner would like to improve some Class D roads on the proposed Tintic Mountain Project (a recreation subdivision approved before a moratorium was imposed).
Missionaries: Homecoming: Craig Garrett, Scott Besendorfer, Kellen Nielsen, Trevor Jones, Tyler Olsen, Kolby Ence. Farewell: Chase Hooper, Ethan Hooper, Bradley Brosius.
Weddings: Katlyn Weeks-Michael Brimhall, Skyler Fautin-Jessica Wankier, Derek Everitt-Holly Burch, Khaldun Butler-Karoline Kessler, Virginia Snow-Tyler Langlois, Kenyon Savage-Rakel Greenhalgh, Kayla Rice-Gerpreet Chowdhry, Kyle Adams-Kara Van Alfen, Meagan Peterson-Travis Dyreng, Joni Frandsen-Jeremy Pew.
Miss Juab County is Whitney Lundell. Attendants are Janelle Lund and Aubrey Ballow.
A suspected arson fire burned nine acres at the base of Mt. Nebo.
Nephi City began planning for various events for the upcoming Christmas festivities.
Nephi Lion’s Club and Nephi City worked together to purchase and install a 3-foot vinyl fence around the Federated Women’s Clubs Rose Garden. This will be an addition to the Juab County Veteran’s Memorial.
Those planning to rent the multi-purpose building, even if the fee is waived for a group, will need to pay a deposit.
Stage 1 of the 2008 Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah kicked off in Nephi. Seventeen teams set up around the city park. Along with nationally ranked domestic teams, the Garmin/Chipotle team (with members hot off the Tour de France) took part in the 5-stage cycling race through Utah. Jason Donald, Garmin/Chipotle, won stage 1 which began and ended in Nephi.
Levan Town Council adopted a policy to govern those who reserve the park and then cancel at the last minute. The town will keep 10 percent.
Nephi City Council heard a request to rename 700 North to Wasp Way.
Missionaries: Homecoming: Aaron Simons, Carson Sutherland, Lucas Rietmann. Farewell: Spencer Proctor, Jason Besendorfer, David Clark, Jacob Memmott, Nephi Oakeson, Clifford Christensen.
Weddings: Karson Morgan-Linzy Parduhn. Aaron Parry-Katie Jackson, Tanya Hathaway-Wes Lynn, Mandy Carter-Casey Thorpe, Afton Cox-Bryan Jarrett, Jeana Sutherland-Marc Rowley, Brady Kay-Jennie Ricker, Mandy Ramirez-Brandon Callahan, Kayla Timm- Brian Christensen.
School Board voted to raise property taxes to cover gas prices. energy cost increases and unanticipated building costs.
Juab County commissioners want to make certain that those who have not paid ambulance bills will be contacted by a billing firm.
The fairgrounds replacement bleachers, on the west side of the rodeo arena, are well on the way to being a reality.
A committee has been formed to determine how the remodeling of the old Red Cliffs Elementary should be done.
When the Juab County Veteran’s Memorial was dedicated in Nephi on Sept. 11, it culminated three-years’ work by member of the Nephi Lions Club and residents of the communities of Juab County. Over 400 people attended the dedication.
Mona City Council receives a request for a below-ground swimming pool at a residence. The issue is one of using culinary water for filling, backflow prevention, and drainage.
Missionaries: Homecoming: Casey Jones, Glen and Lynnette Gooch Farewell: Joshua Veater.
Weddings: Darin Smith-Natalie Stephensen, Chandra Morgan-Tyler Squire, Brandon Wright-Chelsea Bateman, Valorie Shepherd-Shane Juber, Shannon Worthington-Trenton Cowan, April Coones-Richard Bird, Stephanie Colborn-Steve Christiansen, Jesse Kendall-Jamie Cowan.
When the final estimate for remodeling the old Red Cliffs elementary was revealed, school board members were shocked. The original cost was around $3.5 million, however, the new estimated cost was now $4.2 million.
Superintendent Wright brought to the school board information concerning code of conduct for both athletes and parents alike. The Parent Code of Conduct says that parents will not criticize the officials openly or directly during or after games. Parents should show the quality of sportsmanship. All spectators are expected to also adhere to the code of conduct.
Juab County questions its responsibility for taxpayers to pay for indigent burial for those who die in care centers.
The road between Hatfield and Robinson Canyons and crosses the proposed recreation subdivision near Eureka will stay open, says Juab County Commissioners.
A public hearing has been held and a follow-up meeting scheduled to discuss the odor issues at the Kuhni Rendering Plant at Mills Junction.
Natural Resources Conservation Services has instructed Nephi City Council members that ATV access the Miller Debris Basin must be eliminated by using fences and signs to halt riders causing damage and erosion to the basin.
JHS cross country teams placed at the State 2A meet at Sugar House Park. The boys placed 3rd and the girls placed 6th.
Missionaries: Farewell: Bruce Adams, Jordan Jones, Ben Kendall. Homecoming: Samuel Sherwood, Wade Nielson, Trent Stowell.
Weddings: Hilary Bradford-Gregory Allred, Kylee Morgan-Conner Edwards, Spencer Gledhill-Kelli Bunderson, Melissa Bird-Mike Bastian, John Weir-Micah Parkinson, Amy Johnson-Colby Stevenson.
Experts of the water board claimed that Kuhni’s will soon be in compliance with the effluent standards set by the state. It was determined that the effluent now coming from the plant, though high in nitrates, will not do permanent damage to the water table and should not affect the deep wells used for drinking water by the residents of Mills Junction.
A proposal for Juab County to pay a $6,000 annual fee as their portion of the budget needed to hire additional Livestock Range Scientists met with good favor.
Speeches, performance by the 5th graders and public tours were part of the Red Cliffs Elementary School dedication program.
JHS presented “Bye Bye Birdie.”
The annual lighting ceremony at the Old Mill Park included a light parade with over 35 entries.
Missionaries: Homecoming: Nate Sevy, Bryce and Sharon Christensen, Don and Lenore Francom. Farewell: Tyler Ingram, Aaron Major.
Weddings: Katie Estell-Travis Dean, Dana Allred-Thomas Hebdon, Amber Wardle-Jared Neves, Marcel Braun-Jennifer Westenskow, Alexander Robertson- Heather Kay, Rebecca Stubbs- Nathan Houston.
The U.S. Department of Education has rejected Utah’s request for flexibility on the requirements of the federal mandate No Child Left Behind for school districts and charter schools that will be using computer-adaptive testing. Juab School Board was not pleased with the news.
The owner of Electronic Services Company told commissioners that the county should apply for a CIB grant to help boost transmission signals when television reception changes in February.
There is still a long way to go before Mona has a working sewer system although city council members continue to plod toward determining ways to pay for such construction.
The UNEV Pipeline, LLC, will cross some county roads in Juab County and will need to obtain permits for those crossings.
Although the financing to be used is not settled, the base bid with some alternates was approved and the remodeling for the former Red Cliffs Elementary will now begin. The board approved a construction contract price of $3,944,178.
Nephi City reported that only 12 building permits were issued last year for new home construction. Ten of those were issued for the south end of the community.
The new county road shed is now inside Nephi City limits due to the annexation of county property.
Missionaries: Homecoming: Shane Blackett, Michael May, Royce Orme, Robert Johnstun. Farewell: Andrew Alvarado, Kenneth Richens, Denton Nielson, Joshua Davis, Tyson Lynn.
Weddings: Harris Taylor-Melissa Atkinson, McKell Kay-Tony McPherson.