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  • Stampede winners announced

 By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

The 67th Ute Stampede awarded $34,795.10 to competing cowboys and cowgirls at the end of the three-day rodeo July 12, 13, and 14.

Six cowboys won prize money in the bareback riding event: 1. Jess Davis, Salem, UT, had a score of 81 and won a prize of $1,083, 2./3. Split Lan LaJuenesse, Morgan, UT, and Paul Jones, Elko, NV, each had a score of 80 and a prize of $802.91; 4. Kyle Bowers, Brooks, AZ, earned a score of 77 and a prize of $522.83, and 5./6. Split Cody Demers, Boulder, MT, and Clay Kirkham, Lehi, UT, each scored 76 and won a prize of $261.41 each.

Steer Wrestling had a total prize of $5.165.25; 1. Joey Bell Jr., Salem, NJ, had a time of 4.1 and won $1,497.92; 2. Mickey Gee had a time of 4.8 and won $1,239.66; 3. Herbert Theriot, Poplarsville, MS, had a time of 5.0 and won $981.39; 4. Ryan Shaw, Plain City, UT, had a time of 5.8 and won $723.13; 5. John Lewis, Lehi, UT, had a time of 6.6 and won $464.87; and Ryan Lee had a time of 6.8 and won $258.26.

The saddle bronc riding event had total prize money of $3,783 which went to 1. Shawn Morehead, Corrine, UT, with a score of 88 earning a prize of $$1.097.07; 2. Cody Demers, Boulder, MT, with a score of 83 for a prize of $907.92; 3. Tom Wilson, Dubois, ID, with a score of 77 for a prize of $718.77; 4./5./6. Split went to Todd Rangel, Prewitt, NM, Joe Slagowski, Carlin, NV, and Cody Wright, Twin Fall, ID, each with a score of 77 and a prize of $264.81.

Calf roping had a total prize of $6,038.25 in prize money: 1. Brent Lewis, Pinon, NM, with a time of 8.2 for a prize of $1,751.09; Justin Truman had a time of 8.4 and won $1,449.18; 3. Chet Keeteh had a time of 8.8 and won $1,147.26; 4. Cody Pendleton had a time of 9.8 and won $845.35; 5. Wade Baldwin had a time of 10 .0 and won $543.44; and Brady Browed and K.C. Jones, Santo, TX, each had a time of 10.3 and each won $150.95.

The team roping event had a total prize money of $5,965.50 with top honors going to 1. Jason Eiguren, Jordan Balley, Or, and Dusty Morse, Ogden, UT, with a time of 5.7 and winning $1,193.10 each; 2. Richard Eiguren, Jordan Valley, OR, and B.J. Campbell, Benton City, WA, with a time of 6.0 and a prize of $894.82 each; 3. Brian Winn, Annabella, UT, and Brian Roundy, Richfield, UT with a time of 6.9 and a prize of $596.55 each; 4. T.J. Collett Jr., Heber, UT, and Ty Bingham, Heber City, UT, with a time of 7.7 and a prize of $298.27 each.

The Women's Barrel Race had a prize of $5,208; 1. Kay Blanford, Sutherland Springs, TX, had a time of 17.10 and won $1,093.68; 2. Tami Fontenot, Ethel, LA, had a time of 17.25 and won $937.44; 3. Deena Fries, Petrolia, PA, had a time of 17.35 and won $781.20; 4. Dallas Dewees, Westville, FL, had a time of 17.45 and won $520.80; 5. Terry Wood Gates, West Jordan, UT, had a time of 17.47 and won $520.80; 6. Barbara Merrill, Axtell, UT, had a time of 17.57 and won $416.64; 7. Kelly Kaminski, Belleville, TX, had a time of 17.61 and won $312.48; 8./9./10. Split Renee Gossett, Tammy Childers, Washington, UT, and Kim Barton each had a time of 17.62 and each won $156.24.

The bull riding event had total of $4,830 in prize money which went to 1. William Farrell, Lander, WY, with a score of 83 for a prize of $1,400.87; 2. Kevin Summers, Blackfoot, ID, with a score of 79 for a prize of $1,159.34; 3./4. Split Jeff Tripp, Orange, CA, and Justin Boots, Salmon, ID, who each had a score of 78 and won a prize of $797.05 each; Chris Willard, Liberty, UT, had a score of 75 and won a prize of $434.75; and 6. Sonny Munns, Hansel Valley, UT, with a score of 74 and a prize of $241.53.

Members of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) sanction about 750 rodeos nationwide and offer annual prize money exceeding $28 million. The PRCA is, by far, the largest and the oldest rodeo organization in the world and works closely with the American Junior Rodeo Association, the National Little Britches Rodeo Association, the National High School Rodeo Association and the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association, creating a natural progression for the athletes climbing from the ranks of youth and college rodeo to professional rodeo.