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On our front page this week

  • Business as usual at Levan City Council meeting

By Rebecca Dopp
Times-News Correspondent

It was business as usual at the Levan Town meeting held on June 13, 2007.
• Building permits were approved for Ted Ballow, patio; Dan Worthen, hay shed; and Eugene Washer, reapproved for garage that meets the 30 foot setback. Julio Naumann was denied a permit to turn his shed into a residential apartment because the original permit did not allow for it to be used for that purpose.
Kent Worthen, who is trying to get a permit to build a home, was told by the council that he would need to secure funds for the construction of a road by his property in a type of bond or cashier’s check.
Mayor Bob Shepherd told Worthen that he would be granted a building permit upon certain conditions, mainly that he would have to put up money for the road.
“When you meet those conditions,” said Shepherd, “then you’ll be issued the permit.”
Worthen said that he has people lined up to do the gravel and oil for the road and that he wants to pay them to do the work. He said he would not put up a cashier’s check because he did not want to lose the interest on that money. He also said that he could not get a bond.
Shepherd said all they wanted was a guarantee of performance to make sure the road goes in before construction and that it is paid for.
Worthen also wanted to know why certain minutes of Levan Town meetings were not in the town hall and claimed that an individual in Levan had them in their home and that he had seen them firsthand. Shepherd said that as far as he knew the minutes were in the town hall, but that if they weren’t there, then they should be returned to the town.
Worthen said that he was looking for minutes that covered three quick claim deeds pertaining to this road where individuals had deeded it over to the town of Levan. He claimed that when the road was deeded over, Levan was supposed to have put the road in. Councilmembers disagreed with that claim and moved on to other business.
• Bruce Rowley wanted to get permission from the town council to donate the old ambulance to the city of Goshen. He said that he’d offered it to the county, but that there were no takers.
He said that Goshen has put together a crew of seven EMTs and they now need an ambulance.
“We’d like to donate it to them,” said Rowley.
The council voted to donate the ambulance.
• The council approved the budget for the fiscal year 2007-2008. There were no changes from the tentative budget already approved.
• Council members are concerned with the illegal dumping at the landfill stating that there had been another load dumped off at the gate.
Council member Ralph Brooks said that he had personally made sure the sign on the gate was big and easy to see and read. It lays out the rules for what can be brought into the landfill. He said that he had identified one individual who had illegally dumped there, but that there were no clues with this recent event.
They questioned whether the county or town had an ordinance pertaining to a fine being imposed for illegal dumping, and Shepherd said that the county does have a fine. He thought it was around $1,000.
• Council member Paul Mangelson said that he had gotten bids for a new pavillion at the town park. Instead of a wooden pavillion, he had found a steel one that would require less maintenance.
“I found an octagon one I liked,” said Mangelson, “but after talking with the Mayor, it probably won’t be big enough.”
He said that a 30’x60’ rectangular would cost $36,350, a 40’x80’ would cost $56,350, and a 50’x50’ would cost $46,160. None include the cost of labor, cement, and fixtures.
The town did budget for a new pavillion, around $55,000-$65,000.
Mangelson suggested that they should go with the bigger size, but left it up for discussion. Council members felt they should look for other companies to see if they could get a cheaper price. Mangelson said that it would take about 12 weeks for delivery from this company, and they didn’t want to wait too long or they’d be getting into the winter months.