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  • Superintendent will formally announce his resignation at school board meeting

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

The superintendent of Juab School District will be making an announcement that he is leaving the school district.
"Dr. Jim Shank is leaving us and going to a district in Washington state," said Dale Whitlock, Juab School District Board President.
"We are very grateful for his time here in our district, he has done an excellent job for our district," said Whitlock.
In his communication with the press, Whitlock complimented the superintendent.
"As you know, Jim is a great individual and an excellent administrator. He will do great work wherever he goes," said Whitlock. "We are fortunate to have had him for the past three years. He is a good friend and will be missed."
"I will be making a statement and submitting a letter to the board at our next board meeting on the 20th of March," said Dr. Shank.
The letter, he said, has not yet been written though it will be forthcoming and will be prepared prior to board meeting.
The press did submit a few questions for Shank who, in response, said he was not prepared to answer those questions and was not prepared to issue a statement for the press.
"I prefer to move forward in this fashion (waiting to submit the letter first)," said Shank. "Nothing is official until the 20th."
While the report of his leaving has been communicated to the district's board of education, the official resignation, the method of replacing him and other questions will not be addressed until the next board meeting.
"Jim is not leaving for any reason other than he has an opportunity to move closer to family in Washington and Oregon," said Whitlock.