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  • 2013 Year in Review

Three Levan residents involved in Christmas Eve crash. Sheree Kenison, Marvin Jerry Mangelson, and Mike Kramer were involved in a two-car collision north of Levan.
Red Cliffs Elementary teacher charged with felony in molestation case. Hadley Christensen was arrested Christmas Eve after police say he molested a former student.
Andyn Cole Christensen, son of Cole and Jileesa Christensen, was the New Year's Baby at Central Valley Medical Center.
Lisa Blackett, drill team coach at JHS, was awarded National Coach of the Year in Spirit. She was one of 22 coaches nationwide selected for this honor.
The old Forest Hotel/Colonial Manor was torn down on January 16th.
Power outage shuts down schools. For lack of heat and light, students got a "go home early" day on January 14th. The power outage was caused by maintenance on the line.
Byron B. Woodland was sworn in as the newest member of the county commission. Alicen Allred, Mary Nielsen, and Dale Whitlock were sworn in as school board members.
4th District Court Judge James Brady sentenced Eric Charlton to six months in jail for the shooting death of his younger brother at Yuba Lake.
Levan Post Office will remain open, but operational hours were reduced. The USPS closed down several post offices and reduced others' hours of operation to help with costs.
Missionaries: Farewells: Jacob Diamse, Brandon White, Ethan Kay Homecomings: Hayden Worwood, Nefi Ramirez.
Weddings: Chelsey Weight and Russell Forsyth; Melissa Wong and Wyatt Ernst; Mallory Winnie and Kalam White.
Scott McKay, science teacher at JJHS, was honored as Secondary Teacher of the Year by Utah Science Teacher's Association.
Property for the new county courthouse is deeded over to county by Nephi City.
Rocky Mountain Power updates Nephi City Council on transmission line project slated to go through parts of Juab County.
Levan Town Council discussed options for the old Relief Society building. The Chicken Creek DUP wanted to purchase it to use as a museum.
Levan Town started discussions with Jones and DeMille Engineering and UDOT on a Main Street improvement project.
County commissioners held meeting in West Desert to hear residents' concerns with Snake Valley water disagreement with Nevada.
Weddings: Jeffrey Zirbes and Kristi Bacon; Toni Christensen and Jakob Harris.
Missionaries: Farewells: Eric Hatfield. Homecomings: Jonathan Green.
JHS Sterling Scholars compete. Those representing the high school were Katie Davis, Hailee Garrett, Kolten Kendall, Jacob Olsen, Sierra Orten, Bryanna Robinson, James Spencer, Rachelle Terry, McKinzey Wickel, and Emily Wilson. Garrett was a regional winner. Davis, Wickel, Orten, Kendall and Terry were all runners-up in their respective categories.
The county commissioners are urged to write letter to Governor Gary Herbert requesting he not sign water agreement with Nevada over water in the Snake Valley. Gov. Herbert made a personal appearance in West Desert to discuss the matter.
JHS performs "To Kill a Mockingbird". Leland Clement played the lead role as Atticus Finch.
Superintendent Jim Shank announced his resignation. He took another job in Washington State and left at the end of the school term. Dr. Rick Robins was selected as the new superintendent.
Weddings: Deanae Hoog and Tyler Smith.
Missionaries: Homecomings: Briar Proctor, Austin Memmott, Sarah Bailey Farewells: Benjamin Horrocks. Carston Steele, Cameron West.
Seven young ladies compete for Miss Nephi. They were Jennifer Gibson, Kendra Christensen, Kynlee Sessions, Malecia Ostler, Rachelle Terry, Danielle Hoaldridge and Maddison Branch.
Improvements to Nebo Loop Scenic Byway. Residents on the Juab County side would like to see more dispersed camping and improved recreation sites along the byway.
Rachelle Terry crowned Miss Nephi. Her attendants are Kendra Christensen and Kynlee Sessions.
Junior Prom royalty announced. King and Queen were Shan Sherwood and Jennie Jarrett. Courts included Ryan Hatfield, Ashley Atkinson, Sam Holladay, Kara Jones, Jentrie Tolbert and Seth Owens.
Chicken Creek DUP in Levan scrapped idea of purchasing old Relief Society building because the building itself was not sound and would be too costly to remodel.
County sheriff reported no fatalities during the Easter holiday at Little Sahara Sand Dunes.
Weddings: Morgan Lund and Daniel Cassidy.
Missionaries: Farewells: Kinley Olpin, Joshua Wallace.
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