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  • Juab School Board adopts fee schedule for use of school facilities

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

After a discussion last month, the Juab School Board decided to adopt a fee schedule for use of school facilities by those wanting to rent or reserve buildings.
The board still desires to cooperate with other town agencies, community organizations, and community members by making school facilities available whenever possible that will not be in conflict with the regular school program.
"To this end," said Dr. Rick Robins, superintendent, "rentals will be kept as reasonable as possible, considering operational and maintenance costs."
A Hold-Harmless agreement will be entered into and a certificate of liability insurance will be required with limits of not less than $500. In addition, the district will be named as an additional insured.
If the renter does not have insurance, the renter must assume all liability and must have board approval before the use of the facility.
"The only way the insurance provision can be waived is in writing by the board of education," said Robins. "Most leagues have insurance and can add the district as a rider."
The district is happy to have alumni reunions use the facilities, said Robins.
"Most have been great to work with and it is good for students to see that their parents did go to school here before them," he said.
The fees are being separated into four separate schedules in order to try to make all rentals and uses as fair and reasonable as possible.
"The schedules are where the policy becomes more complicated," he said.
Schedules one and two are reserved for one day to three day events.
Schedule one is for events sponsored by for-profit organizations and groups intending to realize a profit of the event or activity. A $200 deposit is required before the event or activity. A full refund will be returned minus custodial costs incurred.
Under that schedule, a per hour rate has been established. A classroom will be $50 per hour; a dining area/multipurpose area will be $100; dining with a kitchen will be $150; the auditorium will be $100; the Juab High School Gym will be $200; all other gyms will be $150; the Little Theater will be $70; and the football field will be $200.
Schedule two is for non-profit community sponsored meetings, activities, events, for public improvements, with no intentions of realizing a profit.
Under schedule two, the rate per hour will be: classroom, $15; dining area/multipurpose area, $25; dining area with kitchen, $50; auditorium, $40; library/media center, $20; JHS gym, $75; all other gyms, $50; the Little Theater, $20; and the football field has a N/A.
"We have a schedule three for events sponsored by community for-profit organizations, groups, teams, and activities that realize a profit but also directly benefit and offer opportunity to Juab School District students," said Robins.
These groups are seeking to use JSD facilities for multiple days, practice, rehearsals, etc. This time frame is not to exceed four months and use is dependent upon availability of facilities.
"There is an initial deposit of $400 per group or team," said Robins.
Upon completion of the contract, $100 will be returned minus the real custodial costs incurred.
Schedule Four will be for events sponsored by community non-profit organizations, groups, teams and activities that do not realize and profit and directly benefit and offer opportunity to JSD students.
These groups are seeking to use JSD facilities for multiple days, practice, rehearsals, etc. and the time frame is not to exceed four months. Use is also dependent upon availability of facilities as directed by the building principal.
The initial deposit of $200 per group or team will be required and, upon completion of the contract, $100 will be returned minus real costs incurred.
Further charges my be incurred for lighting, sound and similar uses.
"This is a little innovative," said Robins. "It is different."
Application for rental of any of the facilities, he said, was to be made and the application requires the signature of all parties with the rates to be determined from the schedule as approved by the board.
"Payments will be collected by Juab High School, recorded and sent to the district office with a copy of the original application," he said. "One of the controls is that we are funneling it through the finance secretary at the high school."
However, cancellations are to be made through the building principal where the rental is occurring.
It is fair, said Robins, that enough notice of a cancellation be given, on either side.
"All Juab School District activities will take priority," said Robins.
In the event that a rental must be canceled because of a district activity, a full refund will be issued.
Any damage or vandalism will result in the loss of the full or partial deposit.
The high school principal will submit to the district a report of any damage or refusal of service and the building principal will report questionable use or activity connected with the rental of any of the facilities.
Once the rental agreement is finalized, the renting party will then schedule the facility with the building principal based on availability.
All parties must agree to behavior that is appropriate based on JSD student conduct policy and any violation may result in prohibited use and forfeiture of deposit.
Robins said that legal counsel was looking over the policy as to some minor wording to make certain all was in order but that the overall concept was good.