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  • Demolition Derby delivers to record number crowd

CAN I PARK HERE? • Justin Boylan of Fairview decided to park his #3 car on top of Jason Davis's #13 car in the 2nd heat of the Demolition Derby. Boylan was awarded Overall Most Aggressive Driver and received a 1971 Chrysler New Yorker derby car and four tires. Look close at the fans, ever see so many open mouths?

By Rebecca Dopp
Times-News Correspondent

Over 10,000 people filled the stands to capacity at the Demolition Derby on Saturday, August 10. The weather was beautiful and the drivers didn't disappoint as they crashed and crumpled over 50 cars and trucks.
One of the highlights of the night occurred in the second heat when Justin Boylan of Fairview went full throttle in reverse and plowed over Jason Davis of Spanish Fork, coming to rest on top of the car. Both drivers were okay and Boylan went on to win Overall Most Aggressive Driver. He won a 1971 Chrysler New Yorker plus four tires.
Another highlight came in the truck heat when four trucks were rolled over onto their sides. All drivers were okay and it made for some very exciting action.
In the 80s heat, Jeremy Garlick of Nephi, was hit pretty hard and had to be extricated from his vehicle. He was taken to the hospital and it was later reported during the derby that he would be okay. No further information was available about the seriousness of his injury.
The overall derby winner and recipient of $10,000 (one of the biggest purses in the state) and an official Juab Champion jacket was Jace Wilson of Gunnison in the #47. Second place was Justin Boylan, Fairview, in the #3, $4,400; 3rd place, Brian Anderson, Wales, in the #.08, $1,200; 4th place, Colton Coates, in the #16, $600; 5th place, Gus Adams, Springville, in the #34, $500; 6th place, Scott Abbott, Delta, in the #44, $375; 7th place, Riley Shelley, Mt. Pleasant, in the #0, $300; 8th place, Jared Anderson, Ephraim, in the #6, $225.
The Grudge Match winner was Blair Greenhalgh, Nephi, $200. Powder Puff winner was Nicole Larsen, Nephi, $500. Powder Puff 2nd place was Kade Farrer, Nephi, $200. Best Looking Car was Colton Coates in the #16, $500.
Truck Heat winner was Tyler Green of Moroni, $3,000. Second place was Tyson McPherson, Nephi, $1,500. Third place was Wootten Redmond of Roosevelt, $900. Dustin Fowkes was the truck wipeout winner, $500.