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  • Levan Town votes to help with the cost of a new roof for DUP Cabin

NEEDS A NEW ROOF • The roof of the DUP Scout Cabin in Levan needs a new roof. Levan Town Council voted to help with costs for the roof.

By Rebecca Dopp
Times-News Correspondent

A bit of blue sky seems like a good thing for most people, but to the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers in Levan, blue sky is a concern.

The old scout cabin, located at 63 West Center in Levan, is in bad need of a new roof. According to Joyce Justet, DUP member, the old wood shingles are beginning to curl and come off, allowing people who go inside to see blue sky through the roof. She said that water had not been leaking through yet, but if the roof was not repaired or replaced soon, it would be just a matter of time, and the DUP has many artifacts inside that they would hate to be destroyed.

Justet said that the cabin and the land it sits on is the property of the town and that the DUP leases it from the town. She said the DUP does not have the budget to replace the roof by themselves, but could come up with part of the cost if the town pledged their financial support, too.

Justet said that she had contacted six different roofers for bids, and had received only three bids. All three bids contained estimates for either asphalt or wood shingles, or tin.

The council felt that a tin roof would probably last the longest. Justet felt that the look of tin would ruin the integrity of the old cabin which is made out of logs. She said that she preferred the wood shingles or the asphalt shingles, but that the decision would be up to the council because the town owns the property.

"But you're going to pay for part of it, too," said Mayor Bob Shepherd.

After looking at all three bids, tin appeared to be in the middle of the prices, more than asphalt, but less than wood.

"The only thing you have to worry about with a tin roof is the wearing out of the the gaskets under the screws," said council member Corey Christensen.

"You have to have 2 x 4s under it to make it stay," said the Mayor.

Justet said that the DUP could apply $2,000 towards the new roof. The mayor felt that the town should cover the difference.

The council decided to go with a bid from Farrell Roofing out of Mona for $6,923. This includes tearing off the existing roof, resheet with 7/16 wafer board, apply underlayment with ice and water shield in the valleys and in the eaves, and apply wood shingles 5x.

The DUP hopes work on the new roof will begin soon.