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  • Time, and money, is of the essence to get fairgrounds ready for summer events

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

It is taking a great deal of work to get the county fairgrounds ready for the summer activities which lie ahead—a lot of work and a bit of money.
Bart Garrett, Juab County Buildings and Grounds Supervisor, met with Juab County Commissioners to inform them of the work done and the work still to be completed.
"We do not have time to do the work ourselves and be done in time (for upcoming events)," he said.
On many projects, the county building and grounds projects are completed by the county crew but, as in this case, there are too many projects to be completed and too little time left to get those projects finished.
The commission awarded several bids for several pieces of work that would need to be done quite soon. One of those items, said Garrett, was the construction of a handrail to the upper level of the bleachers which was destroyed in the latest project.
The handrail bid was awarded at $1,050.
Another project is the installation of lights where the new roping chutes are located. The roping chutes were razed when the latest section of new seating was constructed.
Six trees will be cut down into six-foot lengths and the stumps will be cut flush with the surrounding soil.
The big logs will be saved for the Xtreme Enduro event, to be held at the fairgrounds later this summer, said Garrett.
Taw Jackman won the bid for the project at $2,400.
"I will propose that we hire them contingent upon their having liability insurance," said Val Jones, commissioner.
The recreation building needs a storage addition which was bid at $10,500 by GMC Contracting.
The Demolition Derby sign needed a permanent backing on it so that it could be mounted on the outside of the new bleachers at the fairgrounds. The $2,590 cost will be picked up by the fair board and from Special Service District #2 funds.
"When the fair board bought the sign," said Chad Winn, commission chairman, "It was like the freeway signs you often see and it needed a permanent backing."
Two separate fences are needed at the fairgrounds, as well. Two low bids were received but the lowest was from Brimhall for $10,300 to do both jobs.
A concrete pad, costing $3,846, will also be laid.
"None of the sealant at the cookshack was done correctly," said Garrett.
To repair the roof will cost $3,561 and to build it as it needs to be, will cost $6,931.
"Let's do it right," said Jones.
Stairs and a metal handrail will also be built.
The rain gutter on the new grandstand roof has a problem, said Garrett.
Snow gets between the roof and the gutter which has created some damage to the building. The gutter should be lower than the roof but is, actually, higher. This allowed the snow to build up, freeze and dent the building under where the snow came down below the gutter.