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Follow Nephi City on Twitter

By Rebecca Dopp
Times-News Correspondent

What's the siren going off for? What time does the council meeting start? Why is my power out? Ever asked these questions? Well, now you can get the answers by following Nephi City on Twitter.
The city has gone high-tech and now has an official Twitter account. The name of the account is @NephiCity and is available to all Twitter users who choose to follow it.
It will be used as an additional social media tool for communicating routine as well as emergency information to residents who subscribe, or follow, this account. Reminders, emergency notifications, information about community events and meetings, and information about urgent conditions will be included. Notices will often refer followers to other sources for additional information such as Facebook, the city website, city departments and employees, etc.
"As Councilwoman [Lisa] Brough indicated," said Mayor Mark Jones, "we're getting 'high-tech'. It took us a long time, but we're on the move."
Jones said it will be a good tool to keep residents informed.
Randy McKnight, city administrator, said that two city employees are authorized to post on this Twitter account.
"Right now we have a whopping 12 followers," he joked.
"Thirteen," said council member Justin Seely, who joined the followers list during the discussion.
As of Monday, February 11, the site had 21 followers.
You don't have to have a smartphone to get on Twitter. Anybody with a personal computer can become a Twitter user and follow Nephi City. Twitter is a free service. Go to https://twitter.com and sign up.