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  • Courthouse property is deeded over to Juab County and rezoned for combined use


By Rebecca Dopp
Times-News Correspondent

The Nephi City Council authorized Mayor Mark Jones to execute the deed conveying property to Juab County to help house the new courthouse to be constructed this year.
The property is the north half of the abandoned 100 East right-of-way between 100 North and 200 North.
"They are desirous to proceed," said Jones, "and before they can do that they need that property deeded to them."
According to sources at the county, Nephi City deeded the property at no charge to the county.
The council approved the motion to authorize the mayor to execute the deed.
The council also needed to consider adopting an ordinance changing the zoning of that property from residential (R-1-8) to combined use (CU).
"That zone change was applied for by the county," Jones said. "They knew they would need that if we deeded them the property."
The county went through the process to apply for the zone change. The Planning and Zoning Committee for the city recommended approval for the request.
The property for rezoning includes the ambulance building, the fire station, and the future site of the courthouse.
The council adopted the ordinance that allows the change from R-1-8 to CU.